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Casino Printers

From the most advanced TITO printer, the Epic Edge, to the ultra reliable Epic 950®, we have you covered.


Epicentral® promotional system will deliver your marketing promotions to your players in real-time at their slot.

Roll-Feed Printers

Whether it’s kiosk, sports betting, or an AWP application, our flexible printers will make you the leader in your area.


Installed in 80% of locations around the world, our lottery printer is the most reliable and selected in the market.


The industry's most advanced casino printer engineered to give you an edge.

300 DPI

Featuring an unmatched 300 DPI print resolution, the Epic Edge improves ticket readability and acceptance by bill validators, all while enabling you to print eye-catching promotional coupons and bonus tickets with Epicentral.

Speedy Firmware Uploading

Faster than ever, the printer is armed with two additional high-speed interfaces to simplify firmware updates and graphic downloads. A micro SD card helps to update the printer with no need to carry a laptop or turn off the slot machine.

One Printer for all Games

The Epic Edge stands out among the rest because it is fully equipped with serial and USB interfaces that are all conveniently built into a single board. This means you only need to inventory a single printer, for any game. 

Additional Features of the Epic Edge

In addition to providing an unparalleled 300 DPI print resolution, the Epic Edge is packed with unique features that maximize efficiency and save time.

Eco-friendly Tickets

The Epic Edge contains an adjustable ticket bucket that allows operators to use smaller, paper-saving tickets to work with ecological programs being implemented in casinos.

Patented Hot Swappable Feature Eliminates Downtime

Nobody wants to power down a game in order to swap out a printer. With the Epic Edge, the outer chassis with its game connection stays in the game, so there is no need to power down just to swap out a printer.

Patented Jam Free Bezel

Our TicketBurst™ technology prints and bursts each ticket before presenting the ticket to the player. This eliminates player interference, ensuring a jam free transaction and maximum up time.

Color Coded Chassis Rails

While the Epic Edge and Epic 950 coexist on the slot floor, different color rails in the outer chassis and other design differences ensure the Epic Edge printers install correctly.

High Speed Connection for ServerPort™

Our ServerPort™ enables value added applications, such as our Epicentral coupon bonusing system. Casino management systems that integrate Epicentral also connect to Epic Edge via the ServerPort, as will eTITO systems.

Easy to Update

The Epic Edge comes with two additional high-speed interfaces, including a micro SD card and a high-speed USB interface, which simplify firmware updates and graphics downloads.

TransAct wins 100% of electronic gaming machine printer footprint at the new Encore Boston Harbor Casino

The new Epic Edge ticket printer is packed with technology to simplify operations and improve slot floor performance, all while retaining the key design features from the ever-reliable Epic 950.

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Since the Epic Edge retains the footprint of the ultra-reliable Epic 950, installation is a breeze

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See the power of 300 DPI

Having issues with bill validator acceptance rate? You will see how 300 DPI can solve this and much more


The Epic Edge is built on the reliability of the Epic 950, which is so dependable that less than .03 percent of casinos have reported any sort of failure with the printer during the initial warranty period. We expect that number to decrease even more with the "Edge."

Rugged Metal Chassis

Packed with a sturdy and reliable exterior, the Epic Edge is stronger than ever and built for the long haul.

Key Features of the Epic 950

The "Edge" is intricately designed with essential features from the industry-award winning TITO printer.

Free Firmware Updates

We believe in cost efficiency as much as stellar customer service. As such, we offer free firmware upgrades.

Amazing Support

TransAct offers complimentary tech support both online and on-site from experienced specialists you can trust.

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Epic Edge TT - Table Top design to assist with printing TITO tickets in places you wouldn't imagine

Table Games

Print Epicentral coupns at the table game

Players' Club

Reprint Epicentral coupons or additional coupons

Cash Desks

Reprint cash out vouchers on the spot