Modern casinos of today have undergone a significant change – TITO (Ticket-In/Ticket-Out)coin less gaming is now almost exclusively the standard within the casino and non-casino gaming establishments across the U.S.

Gone are the buckets of coins that were carried around by slot machine players. TITO slot machines print out a bar coded slip of paper, which can then either be redeemed for cash, or inserted for play into other TITO machines. The technology was originally developed by International Game Technology (IGT) and Casino Data Systems (CDS) under the name EZ Pay.

TITO has some impressive advantages for slot players:

  • Players who would like to go to the restroom, take a break, or grab a drink no longer have to carry around their coins
  • Casino patrons no longer have to wait for an attendant to perform a hand-pay for large payouts
  • Players no longer have to worry about germs and the dirtiness of the coins

For casinos the benefits are significant as well:

  • Hopper fills for TITO machines are virtually eliminated
  • Makes multi-denomination gaming machines possible
  • Streamlines accounting procedures due to reduced cash handling

What’s more, this technology has reduced or eliminated the need for impressment attendants, change attendants, slot attendants, cashiers, etc. Only larger winnings require hand pay, but lower winnings can be exchanged to the player directly through the ticket/machine.