Proper maintenance through the cleaning of your AccuDate Food Safety Terminal is essential to ensure that it continues to print quality labels, respond to your touch accurately, and adhere to food safety standards.

To this end, TransAct offers Food Safety Terminal Cleaning Products on

Cleaning Cards are used to clean the AccuDate Printing Mechanism, ensuring that the print head continues to print crisp, readable labels. Cleaning wipes are used on the chassis and touch screen to remove any debris or smudges that may occur in the kitchen.

Cleaning The Printing Mechanism

Grab the tabs on the lower sides of the screen and pull upwards to open, then open up the printing mechanism’s latch by pinching the blue plastic piece so that it slides to the left, then pull up. Allow the top of the mechanism to swing fully upright. Insert a Food Safety Terminal Cleaning card as if loading labels, then close the latch. This will feed the cleaning card forward through the mechanism, cleaning as it passes. Repeat this process a few times to ensure proper cleaning. Lack of regular cleaning my shorten the life of the mechanism.

An acceptable alternative is using a static-free cloth and a small amount of alcohol cleaning solution.

Cleaning The Terminal Generally

Use the Food Safety Terminal Cleaning Wipe over the terminal screen and outer casings once per day to remove grease, fingerprints, dirt and grime. Build up of grease and grime may result in undesirable operation if not addressed.