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How To Calibrate The BOHA! Terminal Touchscreen

The BOHA! Terminal system includes a Screen Calibration App for the touch screen. If you ever have trouble with the accuracy of your touch screen, you can re-calibrate the screen by following these instructions. First, access the TransAct SmartPanel by swiping down...

How To Remove & Replace Print Mechanisms On The BOHA! Terminal

While using your BOHA! Terminal, it may be necessary to remove or replace the printing mechanisms within your terminal. Such reasons may include needing to send one mechanism in for repair, reseating the mechanism to clear an on-screen mechanism related error, or...

How To Load Labels Into Your BOHA! Terminal

With your BOHA! Terminal powered on, grab hold of the two tabs at either side of the lower section of the display and pull up . The hinged display will make a click sound and you will be able to swivel the display up until it is parallel with your tabletop.  The one...

How To Clean Your BOHA! Terminal

Proper maintenance through the cleaning of your BOHA! Terminal is essential to ensure that it continues to print quality labels, respond to your touch accurately, and adhere to food safety standards. To this end, TransAct offers Food Safety Terminal Cleaning Products...

How to manually connect to wifi on your BOHA! Terminal

Setting up a WiFi connection for your BOHA! Terminal is an easy process that will ensure you get the most out of your terminal.  In order to connect your BOHA! Terminal to a WiFi connection, first, you will need to access the TransAct SmartPanel by swiping down...

Where Is My Serial Number On My BOHA! Terminal

Should your BOHA! Terminal ever need service or troubleshooting with a tech, you'll want to know where your terminal's External Serial Number is located. This will tell us what type of warranty you have, how long that warranty is, and what sort of software and...


BOHA! Terminal with Jet Pack Troubleshooting Guide

BOHA! Terminal with Jet Pack Troubleshooting Set Up Auto-Connect Success HA! Terminal is configured to auto connect to the Jet Pack to connect the BOHA! Terminal to the “BOHA_Terminal” WiFi network. If auto-connect is successful, the BOHA! Terminal will show the...

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