If your AccuDate terminal feeds blank labels after printing your selected label correctly, this means that your roll of labels needs to be calibrated.

Calibrating your labels means that your AccuDate Terminal knows where your label starts and ends. This way, it will print exactly within that distance. If your labels are out of calibration, then this likely means that the labels were loaded with the terminal powered off, so the terminal does not know where your labels start and end.

To recalibrate your labels, first ensure that the terminal is powered on. Then, lift the screen upward with the tabs on its side.

Next, open up the Printing Mechanism with the Blue latch, then close the mechanism’s latch back onto the labels. The Mechanism will then search for the start and end of the label by moving the labels back and forth. Close the screen of the terminal, then test functionality by printing a couple labels. There should no longer be extra blank labels follwing the printed label.