There are two ways to configure the Epic 880TM printer: the first is to use the manual configuration sequence by using the CONFIG and FEED key, and the second is to use TransAct’s remote configuration software. TransAct Technologies offers the use of a remote CONFIG program as a fast, easy way for system integrators to configure or reconfigure your Epic 880TM printer. To obtain more information, or the latest version of the CONFIG program, call TransAct’s Sales Department or Technical Support.

Most Frequent Configuration Incompatibilities
· Emulation
· RS-232 Serial Interface (baud rate)

How to Change Configuration Settings

Entering into Configuration Mode

1) Press the CONFIG[1] button for approximately 4 seconds.
2) Select configuration mode.
3) Follow the printed instructions.
· Press and hold the FEED button for the next option.
· Press and Release the FEED button to change the option.
· Power cycle to exit without changing.
· Press CONFIG to save and Exit

After you enter Configuration Mode, the printer will print the current configuration, the current totals and the error logs, if any. Save this printout as a guide to changing the configuration. It’s also useful in case you wish to return the printer to the previous configuration.

Each emulation may have different configurable features. If you are changing the emulation, note that the printout that was printed at the beginning of the configuration process may be incorrect for the new emulation, and the configurable features may be different. If you are using this printout as a configuration guide, and you are changing the emulation, you may wish to save the new emulation and then re-enter Configuration Mode to change other options. This will print all the available features for the new emulation.