Could anything be more important than the safety of the food you serve customers?

Fortunately, there are highly accurate digital tools at your disposal that can have a dramatic impact on how you inventory, prepare, cook, and label your fresh foods. If you’re part of the early adopters planning now for a digital future, congratulations – you’re already helping to ensure greater food safety. If you’re not, here are some quick highlights of what’s available to you right now, today, as we speak:

  • Apps that monitor and record food temps, so that food gets cooked at exactly the right temperature – if the temp goes out of range by a single degree, you’re instantly alerted. You can imagine the food safety implications.
  • Apps and sensors that monitor and record temps in your freezers and fridges 24/7 – reducing food spoilage (and the staggering cost of lost inventory).
  • Apps and purpose-built hardware that automate the calculation of date code labels and print FDA compliant grab ‘n go labels on-demand
  • Apps that automate and streamline daily must-do tasks to save labor costs, drive performance, and boost operational efficiency.

Bottom line: you have options – tested, proven, digital options to help YOUR operation ensure food safety at every level.

As you research solutions, be sure to check out the BOHA! (Back-Of-House Automation) apps and hardware by TransAct – this all-in-one platform is already saving hundreds of foodservice operations countless hours (and dollars!) every single day.