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Automate Your Task Management

BOHA! Checklist automates the management of daily and routine food safety and operational tasks, as well as regular maintenance and audit procedures. Our app goes beyond simply digitizing checklists. It creates a complete method to view, perform, and record tasks. Stop relying on pencil-whipped forms, and start using an app that provides you with a manageable and customizable process, along with actionable data.


Tailor to Your Workflow

Create custom checklists for your opening and closing procedures, preventative maintenance, HACCP, and much more.

Increase Accountability

Hold staff members accountable with a digital record of completed tasks, along with photos and notes.

Take Appropriate Action

Built-in corrective actions let you know what actions need be taken. Create and assign tasks to other team members all within the app.

Custom Alerts

Add custom alerts and notifications to ensure work is being completed in a timely manner.

Motivate with Gamification

Keep employees motivated with rewards and incentives to complete tasks via our gamification feature.

Cloud-Based Management

Cloud-based administration makes setup and management across one or more locations a breeze.

BOHA! Checklist is available for both iOS and Android operating systems

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