Grab ‘n Go Merchandise & FDA Compliance

Grab ‘N Go Popularity Demands Labeling Excellence

Giving consumers what they want

Grab ‘N Go meals are surging in popularity – and driving serious revenue growth. Consumer lifestyles and priorities are ever-changing, BOHA! lets you change right along with them.

Quick, accurate, FDA-compliant

Display all the proper ingredients, nutritional details, allergen disclosures, date codes and prices, with BOHA!’s digital labeling capabilities. Custom-brand your labels for eye-grabbing merchandising impact while adhering to FDA-mandated standards.

Label automation prevents in-store frustration

No more reordering labels just because ingredients change or information becomes out of date – with BOHA! you can easily update label info and share it with the field. And those pre-printed label SKUs? Forget them. Automate your Grab ‘N Go labeling and print ALL your offerings using just ONE label SKU.

Label sizes to fit your brand’s needs

Utilizing the BOHA! adjustable printers, BOHA! can handle printing a variety of label shapes and sizes. Print 1” – 3”wide labels for FDA-compliant dual-column nutritional labels or round labels for parfaits, salad bowls, and more.

Available via Our BOHA! Software

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