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BOHA! is a cloud-based solution that automates time-consuming, error-prone tasks that USED to be done manually. Increase revenue. Reduce labor costs. Repeat. Welcome to BOHA!

An Amazing Suite of Apps

All of the BOHA! Apps are Android and iOS compatible. Designed to automate and improve your back-of-house operations, choose any or all that you need.

An Amazing Suite of Apps

All of the BOHA! Apps are Android and iOS compatible. Designed to automate and improve your back-of-house operations, choose any or all that you need.

Purpose-Built Hardware

All of the BOHA! hardware is purpose-built to handle the rigors of the commercial kitchen environment. Our hardware is designed to be mobile-centric and includes various accessories that work seamlessly with the BOHA! applications.


BOHA!® Terminal 2

Faster. Brighter. Sharper.
Smarter. Easier.


BOHA!® WorkStation

The Most Powerful, Flexible,
Back-of-House Tool


BOHA!® Terminal

Your Purpose-Built
Back-of-House Terminal

See How BOHA! Can Help
Your Specific Type of Food Operation

Casual Dining

Elevating Casual Dining: Conquer Costs & Save Labor with BOHA!

Operational efficiency is incredibly important to Casual Dining restaurants. Maintaining affordability has only become more difficult with rising labor and food costs. To battle this, operators have turned to BOHA! to reduce tedious labor and food waste. Automate time-consuming, error-prone tasks and gain total operational control with one platform.

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Contract Foodservice

Improve Visibility and Ensure Quality Across ALL Contracts with BOHA!

Contract Foodservice companies have the unique challenge of meeting diverse client needs while ensuring quality at a large scale. Navigate complexities more effectively and deliver exceptional culinary experiences to your clients and customers.

Leveraging BOHA!, contract food service companies gain valuable oversight into the performance of all locations with ease. Push critical updates to menus, checklists, media, and more at the click of a button.

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Convenience Store

Food Service Technology: The Secret Weapon of Successful C-Stores

As the popularity of fresh food grows, convenience stores are tasked with solving new problems, such as ensuring consistent food quality, freshness, and compliance. C-stores nationwide have turned to back-of-house technology to automate time-consuming, error-prone tasks. C-store brands rely on BOHA! to save labor, ensure FDA compliance, and create eye-catching grab ‘n go labels that consumers love.

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Fast Casual

The Best of Both Worlds: Streamline Operations & Save Money with BOHA!

Turnover is high, the labor market is tight, and time spent training/onboarding is stealing from your bottom line. We understand your realities, so we’ve engineered new ways to address old challenges – on one single platform, using one single vendor. BOHA! is designed to give you total operational control by automating multiple manual and error-prone back-of-house tasks. Save time, labor, and money.

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Quick-Serve Restaurant

BOHA!: The Future Of QSR Back-of-House Operations

Quality, consistency, and speed are essential for running a successful QSR. With ever-changing employees, menu changes, and limited resources, operators rely on technology to optimize their back-of-house operations.

With BOHA!, operators can maximize visibility, shorten training time, increase consistency, and simplify food safety – across all locations.

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What Our Customers are Saying

"Our restaurant management teams LOVE the efficiency and consistency of our date code labels! Easy to use, easy to read, helps us stay food safety and inspection ready!"
Carrie F.
"Bottom line: more efficient, greater consistency with expiration management, leads to greater quality and safer food, truly happier employees and managers as it lessens the stress."
Bill F.
Director of Operations
"It's a 10! It makes labeling a non-thinking task. Just push the button, pull the label off and apply to the product. We are extremely satisfied with the ease of operation."
Darren W.
Director of Operations
"We save 30 minutes daily using your label maker. And we've increased our accuracy to 100%!"
Susan S.
"This is the one piece of equipment that transformed my business."
Janet C.
Regional Manager
“We’re saving 30 minutes a day just in temp logging. In a restaurant 30 mins is A LOT!”
Roger W.
General Manager - A&W Franchise
“I’ve never seen our staff this excited about technology!”
Steve H.
Chef at STK

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