Date Code Labeling

Label it Safe™

Manual labeling processes that are complex can produce date code labels that are illegible or inconsistent. This can lead to Food Safety violations and that’s a risk no restaurant can afford. Our Terminals automate your Date Code labeling process and make it simple to print clear and accurate labels every time. Ensure Food Safety and give your employees more time to prepare food and perform other important tasks.

Ensure Food Safety

Protect your customers and brand by printing accurate labels to ensure you’re always serving the freshest food to your customers.

Eliminate Errors

Automate the calculation of “Use-By” dates to simplify a labor intensive process and print accurate and clear labels.

Save Labor Hours

Speed up your labeling process and save up to 2 hours of labor per day.

Quickly Print Multiple Items

Create a list of commonly prepped items to Batch Print multiple labels.

Reprint Labels

Use the Reprint Feature to print a new label with the original “Use-By” information in cases when a label falls off or needs to be reused.

Available via our BOHA! Labeling app

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