Brand Standards & Food Quality

Accurate, Digital Temperature-Taking,
Plus Checklists to Keep Your
Standards Consistent

Your brand depends on it

Your carefully formulated cooking process is a huge part of your brand. Protect that – by monitoring Food Quality with BOHA! digital tools that let you track food consistency across all locations, and target those locations that need adjustment.

Never overdo it

Are you serving overcooked food without knowing it? The chicken may be over 170 degrees and safe to eat, but does it taste good? Paper-based cooking temperature monitoring CANNOT track the quality of food being served to your customers. BOHA! can.

Set it, verify it, audit it

Double benefit for all your locations – digital temp-taking ensures you’re only serving tasty food, while checklists make sure must-do tasks are being completed. BOHA! also shows you which stores are performing well, and which ones might need more training.

Brand consistency is everything

Give your employees the tools they need to create the best on-brand guest experience. Deploy and assign tasks with detailed instructions – to ensure that work performed at ALL locations is up to your brand standards.

Available via Our BOHA! Software

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