Food Safety & HACCP Processes

Manual Inefficiency is Out.
Digital Tools are In.

Leave it to BOHA!, not memory

Trying to remember hold-times (and handwriting date code labels!) is time-consuming and increases your chance of food safety incidents. Digital BOHA! creates accurate, professional, legible labels, saving you HOURS of precious time.

Robust food temperature checks

Your HAACP plan should include food temperature checks. BOHA! digital tools and hardware are indispensable for ensuring each location is complying with the processes Operations has set in place – and sharing with ALL locations.

Paper logs are so last decade

Storing paper logs in filing cabinets is not only time-consuming, this outdated process is prone to error and limits the insights that analyzing the data can bring to your restaurants. BOHA!’s digital, cloud-based temperature-checking solution verifies that food is cooked and is being held at a safe temperature.

Digital reminders are key

Reminding employees that a task or food-related process must be performed makes your organization more nimble. BOHA! generates reminders – replace expired milk and cream products, refill sugar packets in the coffee area, you name it. Why risk a health code violation or failed inspection?

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