Digital Temperature Taking & Equipment Monitoring

Digitize Your Food Safety Processes

Ensuring your food is stored and served at the proper temperatures is a critical part of any food safety process. Beyond simply being compliant with regulations and standards, comes the responsibility to your patrons to protect their well-being. Put the focus on food safety by eliminating error-prone procedures when you digitize the way you take and monitor food temperatures.

Trying to manage customer safety, routine audits, regulatory pressures, and HACCP compliance using antiquated methods is nearly impossible and even one slip can be catastrophic. Continuous monitoring of hazard points for food, fridges, freezers, and chilled or warming areas are vital for operational efficiency and consumer safety.
Being HACCP compliant doesn’t end with simply checking temperatures. To have a fully closed loop compliance process, you also have to show proof that you checked the temperatures and took appropriate action for anything that was out of range. Pencil-whipped checklists are of no use to you in the event a food safety violation or incident occurs.
Give yourself the peace of mind that your refrigerators and freezers are operating normally with round the clock equipment monitoring. By implementing a digital temperature monitoring process, you’ll be immediately informed of a problem. Avoid costly food waste & spoilage with 24/7 monitoring.

BOHA! Sensor

BOHA! Sensor, a complementary add-on to our BOHA! Temp software, is necessary for equipment monitoring. Attach BOHA! Sense to restaurant equipment and refrigeration units to monitor critical temperatures.


BOHA! Gateway

BOHA! Gateway is part of the equipment monitoring solution. The gateway uses a secure and robust LoRaWan solution to gather data and transmit it across sensors and devices.

Available via our BOHA! Temp app

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