Custom Checklists


Follow a safe, accountable, digital process in every single location

Keeping tabs on all of the tasks required to keep your restaurant, convenience store, or foodservice operation running smoothly is no easy feat. Beyond simply digitizing your tasks, you need a closed-loop system to track and measure what is actually going on in all of your locations. Custom checklists can help.

Automating your tasks and checklists promotes accountability among your staff by getting rid of a pencil-whipped process. It gives you the confidence that work is completed and that your locations are in compliance with various regulations.
Digital checklists create a foolproof process that any employee can easily follow. Minimal training is required and your staff will feel empowered to tackle their daily duties. Your team will take pride in contributing to a clean and safe environment for customers.
Automated and digitized checklists also provide tangible data and better oversight for managers. Instead of wondering and guessing who did what, and when, that information is readily available and accessible at any given time.

Available via our BOHA! Checklist app

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