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Digitize Your Daily
Food Temperature Process

BOHA! Temp digitizes your food temperature taking process by providing a step-by-step method for taking and logging food temps. With our app and handheld device, using a preloaded list of your food items the workflow is efficient and easy to follow. If food temperatures are out of range, staff members are given corrective actions to ensure food safety and HACCP compliance.



This intuitive app can be used on our handheld device or yours. Easily integrates with standard Bluetooth thermometers and K-type probes for efficient temperature taking.

Improve Your Workflow

Use our patent-pending food recognition technology to quickly take and record food temps, or filter through a list of your items.

Custom Alerts & Corrective Actions

Out of range temperature alerts and reminders can be sent via text, email, or push notifications. Employees are alerted and given step by step corrective actions right on the device.

Timer Function

Timers will ensure employees complete the corrective action and other tasks in a designated timeframe. Take advantage of this functionality to manage time-sensitive tasks.

Ensure Compliance

Prevent fraudulent temperature logs and pencil-whipped documents. You can track and monitor your temp logs from any device to ensure HACCP compliance.

Cloud-Based Storage

This app will record and store all temperature logs for easy access from any device when needed for review or a routine audit.

BOHA! Temp is available for both iOS and Android operating systems

BOHA! Temp integrates with:

FST Ico App

BOHA! Sense

BOHA! Sense is an add on feature to BOHA! Temp. Install the gateway and sensor to your walk in freezer, refrigeration units or dry storage area to monitor temperatures 24/7.

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