Keep Every Kitchen in the Know
& Up to Date

BOHA! Media gives your staff on-demand access to training videos, recipe cards, food prep instructions, and equipment manuals. The next best thing to the executive chef being there in person, BOHA! Media pushes crucial updates to your kitchens across the country in a matter of clicks.

Digitize Your Recipes

Housing your recipes in the media library ensures everyone is cooking the latest and greatest. Plus, no more costly reprints!

Utilize Training Videos

With on-demand videos, your crew stays on top of kitchen policies and prepares food accurately every time.

Brand Consistency is Everything

Your carefully formulated cooking process is crucial to your brand. Accessible, up-to-date recipe information and safety processes mean consistent quality and flavor at every location.

Get Your Head in the Cloud

Managing recipes, training videos, and equipment instructions has never been simpler. Make updates from a centralized platform and instantly distribute to all of your locations.

BOHA! Media is available for both iOS and Android operating systems

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