Simply going through the motions isn’t enough to thoroughly fight the battle against food-safety violations. Training in food safety is essential; however, it’s all worthless if the management team doesn’t consider it a top priority.

Management is the last defense against food-safety violations, not the employees. Provide your team with the proper resources, tools, and passion to exceed industry standards. If the management team cares about food safety, naturally, the rest of the staff will as well.

Don’t Settle for Minimal Training

The biggest mistake restaurant owners make is pushing PNL and bottom-line numbers over everything else. Food safety is of equal importance. Invest time and resources into the proper training of those who oversee daily operations and food safety. Everything flows from top to bottom in quick service. If minimal training is given, then the results will reflect a lack of understanding and commitment.

An environment needs to be established in which managers care about food safety in the same way as they do about profits and waste. If not, all the labor cuts and waste reduction won’t matter in the long run, if customers are getting sick as a result of food safety violations.

Encourage the Management Team to Exceed Industry Standards

Industry standards are put in place to serve as a foundation. If a management team is only interested in meeting industry standards across the board, it’s unlikely your establishment will become successful. The way to combat complacency is to create a learning and growing environment and reward individuals who excel. If shift-leaders and management don’t care, neither will the hourly staff. Likewise, if food safety is seen as a mundane chore, execution will result in mistakes made by employees.

Proper training and passion for exceeding industry standards provided by the management team can ensure food safety is seen as a top priority by all who are employed under them. Cutting corners will only result in hourly staff doing the same. Teach your management team to be the last line of defense against food-safety violations, and the results will speak for themselves.