According to the FDA, HACCP is an “effective and rational means of assuring food safety from harvest to consumption. Preventing problems from occurring is the paramount goal underlying any HACCP system.”

To that end, there are several digital food safety solutions to help you achieve HACCP compliance and boost food safety in your establishment. Since adherence and compliance are essential to running a safe and successful foodservice business, adopting these digital food safety tools should be seriously considered – and implemented.

One of the most important:  digital tools and hardware to perform temperature checks – checks of your equipment AND of your stored, prepared, and served food. Your HACCP plan should include the ability to record, monitor, and report food and equipment temperatures at any time. Food quality, food safety, and of course your brand reputation, are all at stake.

Also helpful, the ability to ensure that every location in your portfolio is complying with processes that Operations has put into place – and sharing real-time data with ALL locations.

Another key component of HACCP compliance:  the efficiency and convenience of digital logs as opposed to antiquated paper logs. The operation that continues to fill file cabinets is the operation that’s more prone to human error, and limited insights to inform strategies for improving performance and compliance.

In order for HACCP plans to gain traction and acceptance, there’s one more central point to consider:  as the FDA points out, “For successful implementation of an HACCP plan, management must be strongly committed to the HACCP concept. A firm commitment to HACCP by top management provides company employees with a sense of the importance of producing safe food.” It’s critical to inform, educate, and persuade your own management team so that proper processes can be put in place to ensure a solid HACCP plan.

By no small coincidence, the BOHA! (Back-Of-House Automation) suite of apps and hardware by TransAct can help you implement and maintain nearly every aspect of the above HACCP wish list. And since ease of use is paramount to any foodservice operation, all BOHA! digital tools are designed and engineered to be easy – to learn, to use, to upgrade. This ease of use can be extremely helpful when part of your HACCP plan to maintain food safety.

Bottom line: With streamlined HACCP processes as the goal, BOHA! could very well be the solution.