Sushi has extended far beyond its home country of Japan and is available in nearly every major city in the world — from fine dining restaurants to casual food chains to grocery stores. And it’s no wonder! It’s unique, visually appealing and delicious.

Whether you are renting space within the store or paying the store a percentage of the revenue, offering turnkey sushi product solutions to grocery stores is becoming more and more prevalent in today’s foodservice world.

Labeling Challenges

One of the biggest challenges the sushi industry is facing is product labeling. Preprinted, colorful labels are appealing but can be expensive. There is a fair amount of waste due to ingredient and recipe changes, sometimes leaving one person solely responsible to manage the label inventory. This can slow down the entire operation and increase costs for the supplier and the consumer.

Grab-and-go sushi is almost its own category, due to the variations on how they’re made and sold. Are you a full-service restaurant that packs and sells its own to-go sushi? Or are you a supplier that sells sushi packs to retailers?

Both need to follow the same FDA food labeling standards, but the difference is who does the actual labeling. If your business does its own labels, you need to make sure that your grab and go labels are thorough and understandable to the customer.

In Conclusion

Sushi is a tasty dish that is sure to draw in a wide range of customers and as a sushi provider, you need to make sure the product is labeled with the proper FDA guidelines. Every step in the process needs to be handled properly, from supplier to kitchen prep, to take-out labeling.

BOHA! has been successful in helping sushi operators maintain the highest labeling standards and creating an on-demand, labeling environment to promote efficiency and reduce costs. Our grab ‘n go labels give you the ability to change ingredients, nutritional information, and label layouts and ensure you are compliant with the latest FDA regulations.