With in-store food service items, including grab ‘n go items, contributing to 22.5% of in-store sales and 33.9% of gross profit dollars, it’s no surprise that convenience stores are ramping up their prepared food offerings. One major key to a successful grab ‘n go program are grab ‘n go labels. Today’s consumer is looking for transparency and education when considering their food choices and labels are their first resource of information. Here are three factors to consider when designing your program’s grab ‘n go labels:

  • Critical Information
    • People rely on labels to make their purchasing decision. Customers are more likely to purchase food items when they are informed about the health and nutrition that’s inside. Make sure your customers can make the most informed decision by having your label meet the latest FDA requirements, list all ingredients and allergens, and clearly mark the price and name of the dish.
  • Attractive Design
    •  The eye gravitates towards objects that are visually appealing. Design your grab ‘n go labels with an eye-catching design and a format that presents the information in an organized fashion. Presenting your critical information in an easy to follow format allows consumers to make quick and informed decisions.
  • Flexible Modifications
    • A successful grab ‘n go program is responsive to consumer demands, make sure your labels are too. As your product offerings and nutritional information changes, be sure to select a solution that can meet your needs. Finding a system that allows you to be in control of your labels and make immediate label changes is crucial to be flexible.

Being able to strategically display critical information while balancing smart branding and attractive design is essential when designing your labels. Having the right grab ‘n go labeling solution to meet your current needs, with the flexibility to adapt as your business evolves, is mission-critical.

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