Foodservice programs have skyrocketed in recent years and things don’t look to slow down anytime soon. Convenience stores have been deemed essential to consumers as an option for various foodservice offerings. And convenience stores have done their part to keep things interesting including, breakfast sandwiches made with pizza dough, grain bowls and more.

Having unique, fresh food available has become just as important to c-store’s bottom line as having gas at the pumps. With the right processes and technology in place, c-stores can maximize their profits from a fresh food program. Is your c-store equipped to handle this continued demand?

Here are three ways c-stores are meeting demand and maximizing their foodservice profits:

  1. Maximize fresh food packaging– Grab ‘N Go merchandising is key– the easier it is to notice and read your fresh-food labels, the stronger your in-store sales. You also need to abide by FDA guidelines for a variety of items – whether it’s a salad bowl or a parfait. With our BOHA! WorkStation, you can easily print 1” – 3” wide dual-column nutritional or round labels. With the ability to print labels on-demand, an automated labeling solution can handle new menu innovations and recipe updates. Our BOHA! solution automates your grab n go labeling to save time, reduce errors and provide you with flexibility for the future.
  2. Always have the right amount of product available –Stop throwing away roller hot dogs, sandwiches, and salads at the end of the day. BOHA! connects your inventory to sales data to generate a suggested prep list, so you’ll always know exactly how much food to prep each day.
  3. Drive operational efficiency– Handwriting to-do lists can lead to mistakes and oversights. With 24-hour operations, you have to keep up with constant tasks and procedures. The BOHA! Checklist app digitizes tasks and automatically alerts employees with must-do reminders to boost productivity. From cleaning coffee machines to sanitizing surfaces, always stay on-task.

The BOHA! platform takes the guesswork out of prep work and helps reduce hard costs related to labor and reduces food waste so you’re getting the most profit from every product sold. This is just a taste of what BOHA! can do. To learn more, speak to a specialist today.