To keep business performance steady, brands have had to be more innovative, think outside the box, and start procedures that may not have been prioritized prior to COVID-19.

According to the Nation’s Restaurant News Top 200 2020 Report, here are the top three processes:

• Feature Drive-thrus
• Invest heavily in delivery and digital platforms
• Develop strong and steady revenue streams outside of dining room sales

If your restaurant is interested in incorporating any of the above procedures, you would need an efficient solution to manage a new SOP (standard operating procedure), increase internal communication, and track operational compliance. Our BOHA! system is here to help you do just that.

Using BOHA!, restaurants can track daily tasks and procedures – giving them the tools needed to succeed every day. With the BOHA! Labeling function, brands simplify a labor-intensive and error-prone process previously done by hand. Additionally, the system’s Checklist function helps them manage daily food safety and operational tasks, as well as regular maintenance and audit procedures. By digitizing checklists, employees have a complete platform to view, perform, and record tasks, making it easier for them to keep track of what is pending and what is completed.

It is critical for your business to improve overall store performance and streamline every-day tasks.

Let us help you reach your goals. BOHA! Makes It Possible.

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