As TransAct’s Director of Marketing, I’ve had the fortune to work in many different cities around the world, but I recently visited a place I’ve never been to- the stunning Madrid. This striking Spanish capital hosted the Feria Internacional de los Juegos (FIJMA), which is an international gaming and gambling tradeshow held every two years. At the show, we displayed our cutting-edge gaming products and shared our stand with our partners Crane Payment Innovations (CPI), who showcased the best in payment technology.

Since our TITO printers have been used in Spain for many years, the 37th edition of FIJMA served as a perfect opportunity to showcase our Epic Edge® TITO printer. Attendees were impressed with our most advanced version of the printer, which stood out with its unmatched 300 DPI print resolution. This resolution delivers over twofold of an improvement in image quality over current printers in the market. Additionally, the Epic Edge is packed with unique features that maximize efficiency and save time, including a micro SD card slot for quick and easy firmware updates and serial and USB interfaces that are all conveniently built into a single board. OEMs are currently reviewing and approving the “Edge,” and we are confident that it will make a remarkable difference in the region’s industry.

As a big sports fan, I was excited to be among one of the most highly regarded football countries in the world. Whether you’re an Atlético, Barça, or Real Madrid fan, you can’t help but watch the thrilling games as you root for your team to win. Sports betting is inevitable, and because it is so popular in Spain, it has also become a key market for TransAct. As such, we also displayed the Epic 880, which is the industry-leading printer used in established sports betting markets across the world. Known for its reliability and flexibility, the printer is used extensively across gaming sectors where the most dependable, robust product is required. As sports betting continues to grow, you can bet the Epic 880 will also be growing in popularity.

Not only did the trip prove to be a success, but it also gave me the chance to brush up on my Spanish skills and devour some delicious, authentic tapas. Prior to setting up for the show, I also enjoyed some fine art at the Prado Museum and viewed a tour of the Real Madrid stadium. Hasta la vista, FIJMA!