The Epic Edge is known as the only TITO printer on the market with a 300 DPI resolution. How does this benefit you as a casino operator?

Well, the math explains it all. All other ticket printers provide a 203 DPI, which equals 41,209 dots of information per square inch. With the Epic Edge, you can provide 90,000 dots of information per square inch.

Through this unmatched print resolution, you not only provide stunning and eye-catching graphics but also easier to read tickets for bill validators. By printing high-quality razor-sharp barcodes, the “Edge” increases ticket acceptance rates and optimizes casino performance as it enables slot and table operations to run at peak efficiency.

Don’t just take our word for it. OEMs are also raving about the benefits, asserting that the 300 DPI is not only a good-looking feature but also an advantage that saves them time because they do not have to refeed tickets into the slot machine.

This feature also works well in conjunction with our Epicentral promotional bonusing software system. The high-quality resolution makes cleaner coupons that allow casinos to customize graphics and text more easily. In turn, they can output an unlimited amount of promotional coupons that keep players coming back.

Additionally, this high-resolution replicates a nearly unlimited array of characters of multiple languages to fit the needs of casinos worldwide.

Why settle for subpar technology? Have an “Edge” over the rest.