BOHA!® Cloud Services and Apps Provide Comprehensive Functionality to Address Key Restaurant and Foodservice Industry Back-of-House Needs, Including Inventory Management, Temperature Monitoring for Food and Equipment, Food Recalls, Food Labeling, Check Lists and Equipment Service Management

All-in-One Solution Helps Restaurant and Food Service Operators of Any Size Address Increasing Back-of-House Costs and Workloads

Hamden, CT – March 4, 2019 – TransAct® Technologies Incorporated (Nasdaq: TACT) (“TransAct” or “the Company”), a global leader in software-driven technology and printing solutions for high-growth markets, announced today the launch of BOHA!™, a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud-based SaaS apps and hardware solutions that will revolutionize how restaurant and food service companies manage their back-of-house operations. BOHA! is the first single-vendor solution to combine applications for Inventory Management, Temperature Monitoring of Food and Equipment, Food Safety Labeling, Food Recalls, Checklists & Procedures, Equipment Service Management and Delivery Management in a single platform. Each BOHA! solution combines cloud-based SaaS applications with hardware and accessories to deliver superior results for critical back-of-house operations. BOHA! offers a one-stop solution for restaurants and food service companies to address their current back-of-house operating requirements while providing a future-ready platform capable of addressing back-of-house operations as they continue to evolve.

Bart C. Shuldman, Chairman and CEO of TransAct Technologies, said, “The launch of our new BOHA! SaaS-based software and hardware ecosystem marks a significant milestone for TransAct and the restaurant and foodservice industry. For the first time, operators can deploy a full, single-vendor suite of integrated software applications and hardware solutions to automate their back-of-house operations. Given the priority placed on having employees deliver the best customer experience in an environment with rising food and labor costs, all restaurant and food service companies are focused on adding automation and reducing administrative tasks in their back-of-house operations to increase efficiency and lower costs.

“Over the last several years, we have spent considerable time working with operators across the industry, including in their kitchens, to determine how best to help them address these critical needs. One of our key learnings was that restaurant and food service operators want to simplify their processes with a single platform, single portal solution that provides the highest level of relevant features and functionality while eliminating the complexity of managing multiple software and hardware products from multiple vendors. The result of our tireless efforts is the development of BOHA!, an innovative range of products that can address what we believe is a large opportunity to offer automated solutions that streamline critical back-of-house processes. With BOHA!, TransAct is uniquely positioned to deliver a comprehensive ecosystem of cloud-based SaaS apps, hardware and accessories.”


At launch, the BOHA! ecosystem will feature the following SaaS-based apps, functionality and hardware solutions:

BOHA! Inventory
BOHA! Inventory provides the fastest and most accurate way to manage inventory in restaurant and foodservice operations. BOHA! Inventory is a complete inventory management solution that allows any restaurant employee, not just managers, to enter inventory counts by scanning barcodes, tapping through a list, or using voice recognition. BOHA! Inventory users can also submit new food orders through the app which builds a “suggested” re-order based on previous usage data. The receiving process is also simplified with BOHA! Inventory linking distributor invoices to purchase orders and managing quality complaints, eliminating the need to call or manually submit information. BOHA! Inventory works on the BOHA! Handheld.

BOHA! Temp
BOHA! Temp improves HACCP compliance and restaurant brand standards by effortlessly walking employees through each step of the required food temperature taking process. If any food item is measured out of its specified temperature range, the app walks the employee through the necessary corrective action steps. BOHA! Temp also creates daily and weekly logs that can be provided to internal auditors or health inspectors. BOHA! Temp works on the BOHA! Handheld and is integrated with industry-leading Bluetooth temperature probes.

BOHA! Sense
BOHA! Sense uses BOHA! Sensor IoT devices installed inside refrigerators, freezers and walk-ins to monitor temperatures in real time. BOHA! Sensors connect via LoRa (Long Range) signal technology to transmit through walk-in refrigerators and freezers to BOHA! Gateway which then delivers temperature readings to the BOHA! Cloud. Whenever temperatures are measured out of range, the BOHA! Sense app alerts users via messages on the BOHA! Handheld while also sending text and email alerts. BOHA! Sense works on the BOHA! Handheld.

BOHA! Checklist
BOHA! Checklist efficiently manages the scheduling of tasks, tracking completion and ensuring the work is completed from opening and closing procedures, to daily and monthly preventative maintenance tasks and much more. BOHA! Checklist is supported on the BOHA! Terminal, as well as on Android and iOS tablets.

BOHA! Food Prep
BOHA! Food Prep calculates how much food to prep each day based on sales and inventory metrics. The BOHA! Food Prep app offers step-by-step prep instructions for each ingredient, including how-to-videos and associated documentation directly on the BOHA! Terminal and allows users to print date code labels.

BOHA! Labeling
TransAct’s offering for food safety and grab ‘n go labeling on the BOHA! Terminal has been fully re-developed as BOHA! Labeling. BOHA! Labeling allows restaurant and foodservice operators to set up their menu and label designs in the cloud for easy set-up and review and to ensure compliance with company standards. Updates made in the BOHA! cloud can be delivered to BOHA! Terminals in real time. BOHA! Labeling can be combined with Media Library to give employees access to training materials, recipe cards, how-to videos, plating instructions and much more.

BOHA! Food Recall
BOHA! Food Recall fully automates the food recall and withdrawal process, ensuring increased compliance. Restaurants are instantly alerted if they are carrying affected product and employees are given instructions on how to proceed, automating workflows as well as delivering talking points on the recall for use with customers. BOHA! Food Recall delivers alerts and notifications via e-mail and text messages.

BOHA! Service
Managing service and warranties for restaurant equipment can be trying for even the best operators. With BOHA! Service, operators can request equipment maintenance and receive, edit, approve and pay for service from approved service providers, all within the app. Service records are tracked in a blockchain network for the life of the equipment. BOHA! Service works on the BOHA! Handheld.

BOHA! Delivery
BOHA! Delivery is a powerful tool for restaurant operators that want to eliminate the need for multiple tablets and printers when using multiple online ordering systems. BOHA! Delivery will aggregate delivery orders into the BOHA! Terminal and allow for printing of work order labels to properly stage and prepare customer orders.


BOHA! Terminal
BOHA! Terminal is purpose-built to revolutionize how kitchen staff prepare and label food and grab ‘n go items. The BOHA! Terminal includes two label printers and a large touch-screen for displaying graphics and videos for recipe cards, plating instructions and other training and onboarding materials. BOHA! Terminal includes TEMS (TransAct Enterprise Management System) to ensure only approved apps and functions are available on the device. TEMS also allows TransAct to deliver over-the-air app, operating system and security updates directly to each BOHA! Terminal.

BOHA! Handheld
BOHA! Handheld is a powerful, rugged mobile device, specifically developed for use in restaurant and food service kitchens. Water and food particles are the fact of life in kitchens and IP67 compliance ensures the BOHA! Handheld performs day in and day out. BOHA! Handheld is equipped with an extended battery to accommodate even the longest shifts. Its integrated infrared scanner also allows for use with the BOHA! Inventory app.

BOHA! Sensor and BOHA! Gateway
BOHA! Sensor monitors the temperature inside refrigerators, and freezers and walk-in equipment as well as dry storage areas. Using LoRaWAN signal technology, which allows for signals to communicate through metal, BOHA! Sensor ensures that temperature readings are delivered in real time to the BOHA! Gateway.

BOHA! Gateway is a hub that aggregates temperature readings from all BOHA! Sensors and sends the data to the cloud to the BOHA! cloud servers.

Mr. Shuldman concluded, “From the time we introduced our first restaurant solutions offering, we have continued to evolve our capabilities based on detailed feedback from industry participants. With BOHA!, TransAct is excited to introduce an industry-first, all-in-one ecosystem that supports our commitment to helping restaurants and food service companies deliver clear and measurable improvements to their bottom line, at the same time freeing up employees to focus on improving the customer experience.”

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