Dramatically Improving Food Safety for Contract Foodservice Companies

BOHA! Makes It Possible

BOHA! Stands for Back-Of-House Automation

YOUR reputation is on the line as much as your client accounts. Your efficiency is their efficiency. Your assurance of food safety is their assurance. Reducing food waste, lowering costs, and ensuring food safety, all while boosting margins is now possible on one platform, from one vendor.

BOHA! is the cloud-based way to automate time-consuming, error-prone tasks that used to be done manually. Our suite of apps is designed to give you total operational control by automating multiple back-of-house tasks to save on labor – and focus on food safety.

Below are a selection of BOHA! applications recommended to optimize your contract foodservice operation.

FST Ico App

On-Demand Made to Order Labeling

Foodservice companies not only save HOURS per day just by automating labels with the BOHA! Labeling app – now they can print a single label with a single barcode for every custom order. No more scanning several barcodes for just one item…like you’re doing now.

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Auto-calculate your use-by dates

No thinking, no remembering, no checking your calendar – this app calculates your use-by dates automatically.

Your own media library

Access training videos, recipe cards, food prep instructions – all in one place. Easily manage updates and onboard staff across all of your locations.

Smarter labels, safer food.

Clear, error-free labels ensure you’re always serving the freshest food – which helps protect your customers, and your brand.

Print multiple labels at once

Save time. Save hassle. Create a list of commonly prepped items for quick multiple-item printing.

Reprint “use-by” labels

Label fell off or needs to be reused? Our Reprint feature prints a new label with the original “use-by” information

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FST Ico App

FDA-Compliant Labels,

The law says you need FDA-compliant food labels. Nutrition and ingredient guidelines are now stricter – are you prepared? Printing accurate, clear, FDA-compliant food labels is one of the c-store tasks BOHA! does best. And our BOHA! Labeling app, working with the BOHA! Terminal 2, makes it possible. Don’t risk hefty fines.

FST Ico App

Food Temperature Taking

Avoid pencil-whipped food temperature logs with digitized temp-taking. If food temps are even one degree out of range, our BOHA! Temp app alerts you – instantly. Corrective actions are displayed, and staff members can resolve the issue to ensure food safety and HACCP compliance – plus avoid a potentially costlier food safety issue. Added bonus: with BOHA! Temp, ONE employee can take food temps, not two. You’ll save HOURS of labor.

Dependably digital.

BOHA! Temp digitizes your food temp taking and logging and works with any third-party temp probe. Use the app on our handheld device or yours, our tablet or yours, preloaded with a list of YOUR food items to speed up your workflow.

TACT Img Foodservice
TACT Img Foodservice
FST Ico App

Food Prep/Production

Eliminate guesswork. Speed up food prep. Reduce food waste. Our BOHA! Food Production app calculates exactly how much food to prep each day based on sales and inventory metrics, so you’ll never over-prep again. Employees don’t have to be told what to prep for the day – they simply check the app.

On-Screen Recipes

Access recipe information directly from the app. Step by step, right at your fingertips.

Maintain Quality and Freshness

Manage prep and hold times to ensure you’re serving fresh food throughout the day.

Food Prep Labels

Print only the labels you need, based on the quantity you prepped.

FST Ico App

Equipment Temperature Monitoring

Spoilage is a restaurant reality. Eliminate it by maintaining proper temps in your fridges and freezers. Our BOHA! Sense app alerts you if fridge and freezer temps go out of range – so you can take corrective action and avoid costly food waste. You’ll know there’s a problem BEFORE there’s a problem.

Dynamic duo.

Our BOHA! Sensor is cheap insurance against replacing thousands of dollars in spoiled inventory. The sensor communicates with our secure, scalable, BOHA! Gateway via LoRaWan technology up to 10 miles, which in turn sends data directly to the cloud. Bottom line: temp monitoring THIS precise means food spoilage just became a thing of the past.

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FST Ico App

Accountability Made Easy

BOHA! Checklist also holds employees accountable with a digital record of who completed all tasks, with the option to require photos, notes, and custom alerts/notifications to make sure tasks are done correctly and consistently.

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