Mediterranean & Greek Fast Casual Chain


Company Info:

From their beginnings in Birmingham, Alabama, to their corporate headquarters in Plano, Texas, this Mediterranean & Greek fast-casual restaurant chain has been passionately sharing the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle for more than 20 years and counting! While they continue to innovate and grow as a brand, continuing to meet their high standards of excellence is of the utmost priority.

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The Customer Challenge:

They quickly realized their process of using DOW preprinted, color-coded Avery labels as part of their food prep process was inefficient. This process involved manually handwriting date code information (date, time, and item name), while using a hold time poster to mentally calculate ‘use by’ time. Eliminating time loss and errors would allow them to focus on other aspects of restaurant operations.

The BOHA! Solution:

Enter TransAct. Our terminal, with automated labeling, turned the manual process of food prep labeling into an automated one. Instead of using posters to mentally calculate ‘use by’ dates, this calculation happens automatically, eliminating operator error and simplifying a labor-intensive process. They reduced label inventory and streamlined their process.

The Results:

Managers in this fast-casual chain have said that it has dramatically changed the way they do business and manage their back-of-house labeling operation. Use of our terminal and automated labeling solution has helped drive efficiency and reduced label inventory. Each store is now saving 4.8 hours/week of labeling time. That’s time given back to employees to get back to the business of managing the restaurant operations.

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