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Automated Time Tracking

BOHA! Timer is an easy to use application to create timers for cooked, cooled and prepped food items as well as non-food items that require time tracking. Alert employees to temp items during a cool down process or for miscellaneous items such as sanitizer or cleaning products. Expired timers are loud enough to be heard in a busy kitchen and can easily be reset for a continuous workflow.


Set It and Don’t Forget It

Set an unlimited number of timers with audio alerts and on-screen notifications.

Customize Your Time

Timers can be customized and pre-configured based on your workflow.

Timely Insights

Reports are available to see what’s been used or thrown away to help monitor food waste and over prepping.

Stay on Track

Timers are labeled and displayed in a way that you will never lose track of a timed session.

Time and Labeling

BOHA! Labeling integrates with BOHA! Timer to automatically start chosen timers when printing date code labels.

Time Gained

Simple and easy to use. This app requires little to no training and frees up staff to tackle important tasks.

BOHA! Timer is available for both iOS and Android operating systems

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