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Welcome to the shift in how back-of-house operations are scheduled, executed, and tracked. The BOHA! Restaurant Operations Platform (ROP) digitizes and optimizes nearly every back-of-house process to unlock new efficiencies and protect profits. Tasks are done faster with minimal errors. Food safety protocols are met and tracked. Food waste is reduced. Employees are trained quicker and experience less burnout. And, visibility and consistency are increased across all locations.

Real-Time, Actionable Business Intelligence

Stay Informed About Every Location’s Performance

The BOHA! Control Center is a cloud-based portal delivering real-time information to operators and executives wanting visibility at all levels — corporate, regional, and store. From performance logs to safety audits to equipment monitoring, BOHA! helps to ensure a safer, more efficient, consistent experience 24/7/365.

ROP Standard Features Include…

Task Management

Ensure must-do tasks are performed and safety protocols are followed. BOHA! Checklist allows you to quickly deploy and assign tasks, so your staff always knows exactly what to do and when to do it.

Temp Taking & HACCP Compliance

Still recording to-be-cooked items and their temperatures by hand? Auditors and health officials are better served with digital, trackable, shareable, FDA-compliant data.

Food Safety Labeling and On-Demand Grab ‘n Go Labeling

Leaving nothing to guesswork or human error, the BOHA! real-time cloud-based platform helps ensure consistent food safety across every food item throughout every location.

Date Code Labeling

Inaccurate, illegible, handwritten labels pose a health risk – BOHA! eliminates these risks by printing clean, on-demand, error-free date code labels from the BOHA! Work Station with continuously updated and compliant ingredient/nutrition/use-by information.

Grab ‘N Go Labeling

Pre-printing custom labels for Grab ‘n Go items and keeping up with FDA nutritional and ingredient guidelines can be taxing. Boost accuracy and efficiency with BOHA!’s on-demand labeling from the BOHA! Work Station. Simplify your system down to one, at most two, fresh food labels. Plus, make label changes or additions instantly at ANY level in your enterprise.

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Digital Timers

BOHA! Timers ensures your crew is alerted when food items and non-food related tasks need to be attended to. Alerts show up on screen, and are loud enough to be heard in the busiest kitchen so nothing is missed.

Back-of-House Resources

Paper training materials and resources can quickly cover your kitchen walls and eat away your operating budget. BOHA! Media, consolidates all your paper material and guides into one centralized viewing platform. On-demand access to always up-to-date recipe cards, process instructions, and more mean your crew trained faster and never left guessing.

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Food Prep

The BOHA! Food Prep app calculates exactly how much food to prepare each day – eliminating food waste and streamlining your workflow with recipe details, food labeling, and a suggested prep schedule all in one place.

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Equipment Temp Monitoring

Stable, consistent fridge and freezer temperatures are critical for preventing spoilage of food – and protecting profits. The BOHA! Sense app alerts you the instant your equipment goes even one degree out of range, so you can take action to save your inventory…and ensure food quality and safety.

Achieve Operational Excellence

One Vendor, Multiple Functions

Instead of relying on and managing multiple solutions, BOHA! is built to be your sole platform for back-of-house procedures. BOHA! is easily customized to support your Operational, Food Safety, and Merchandising team’s specific workflows.

100% Enterprise-Ready, 100% Turnkey

We have a proven process for making the transition to BOHA! as seamless as possible. From the beginning, you are paired with a BOHA! expert to take you through your discovery call, learning and building out your workflows, implementing your pilot run, and the official rollout to all of your chosen other locations.

BOHA! Integrates with Your Essential Systems

Our flexible architecture integrates with a multitude of systems, including: Recipe management systems such as ESHA, Distribution Centers like US Foods, Sysco, and more. We’re constantly evolving the BOHA! Restaurant Operations Platform to include more features to cover more of your needs. It prepares you for today, tomorrow, and the future.

Boost Performance and Productivity

BOHA! is a proven solution relied on by leading brands to reduce food and labor costs, save hours of valuable time and keep operations reliably competitive.

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