High bill acceptance rates are crucial to keeping players happy.  To drive higher acceptance, TransAct has introduced the Epic Edge®, designed to give your casino players a better experience and higher player satisfaction.

But don’t take our word for it, here is what a leading slot OEM had to say:

Our QA noticed that it’s not just a “nice good-looking feature” to print visibly darker with that printer. It’s a good plus for the overall system.” Their observation in reviewing their testing statistics was that, over time, ticket rejection rates were higher with one type of bill validator as the scan quality degraded. They went on to say, “But we noticed that it seems to be better with the ticket printed with the Epic Edge. We think with the higher contrast between the black and white on the barcode ticket, it helps with that.”

The innovative Epic Edge™ uses a 300-dpi print head that prints the highest-quality razor-sharp barcodes as well as stunning graphics and eye-catching coupons. These high quality tickets

allow the bill validators to read tickets more readily and reliably. The Epic Edge increases ticket acceptance rates and reduces attendant calls, optimizing performance and allowing slot and table operations to run at peak efficiency.

Listen to a leading slot OEM and Get an “Edge” over the rest.  Contact our Gaming Specialist today and see the Power of 300DPI. 1.877.748.4222 Option 1 or email us at gaming@transact-tech.com