The BOHA! WorkStation, powering the BOHA! Labeling app, have changed commercial kitchen productivity and food safety forever. Some of the top kitchens in the country rely on the BOHA! Work Station to print customized date-code, nutrition, grab ‘n go, prep, Use By, even dual-column labels – on-demand.

But counter space is precious. What if you have the need for labeling power, but not the room?

TransAct just unveiled the latest BOHA! WorkStation accessory – a space-saving wall-mount kit that takes your WorkStation to the next level…literally. With the hardware unit raised above your countertop, now you’re able to expedite food safety date-code labeling and print sharp, FDA-compliant Grab ‘n Go labels at an industry-leading 300 DPI – and gain substantial counter space in the process.

Commercial kitchen operators have been asking for a wall-mount solution to the popular BOHA! WorkStation, and we’re proud to deliver this space-saving convenience as of today.

For more information about the BOHA! WorkStation’s labeling capabilities, centralized menu management, and ability to print wireless from a tablet, click here.

For more details, or to purchase your WorkStation Wall Mount, reach out to the BOHA! team.