Restaurant Hospitality recently published an op-ed on how the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) will play a more dominant role in enforcing restaurants are maintaining workplace safety related to COVID-19.

Want to make sure your operations pass future inspections with flying colors?

Here are some ways in which our BOHA! Readiness and Prevention Program can help your restaurant abide by these guidelines to keep your employees and customers healthy and safe:

  • Verify employee wellness – Who’s safe and fit to work? With BOHA! you take each employee’s temperature and then the solution stores, tracks, and verifies the data for reliable, real-time monitoring and reporting. Let the system do the heavy work so you can focus on other critical tasks.
  • Stay on top of cleaning tasks – With digital precision, BOHA! ensures every COVID-related checklist is assigned and completed, and every team member is 100% accountable and safe.
  • Show printed proof of your commitment – BOHA! Clean2Eat labels make it easy to display which tables/counters have been cleaned and when your restrooms were last sanitized. This gives your customers the added comfort that you care about their wellness – and it’s also a tangible way to show inspectors you are serious about sanitation.
  • Provide safe, efficient digital menus – Print a menu label with a QR code to your online menu that includes daily specials. In turn, this avoids unsanitary laminated or paper menus and minimizes contact between employees and customers.

Ensuring employee safety is not just about working harder – but working smarter! BOHA! Makes It Possible.