Halloween is going to be a memorable night of sweet-filled trick-or-treating and partying, but what about the rest of the month?

No need to wait for October 31st! Have a nice night out at one of your local restaurants! Eateries all over the nation are celebrating Halloween by spookifying their menu–and their decor–in keeping with the season. 

Offerings range from simple changes to menu faves to insanely detailed culinary creations. Just look at the lengths some restaurants will go in the name of Halloween.

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Angelo’s II

Monongahela, PA

Angelo’s already has a reputation among the locals for going all-in with a holiday theme, and this year is no exception!

This Italian-American bar & grill in Monongahela, PA has made a splash with its two-story Ghostbusters-themed decor and green slime shots. Certainly, something that will keep people talking well into 2020!

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CIBO Trattoria / UVA Bar

Vancouver, BC

Meanwhile, up in Vancouver, Canada, CIBO Trattoria and UVA Bar are teaming up to provide a unique Halloween dining experience for their guests. 

CIBO will be serving a three-course Halloween menu with themed dishes such as Kraken Cioppino and Blood Pudding, while UVA offers themed cocktails like the Graveyard Flip. 

This promotion will last for the entire week leading up to Halloween, so gird your loins!

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Poogan’s Porch

Charleston, SC

What Halloween list would be complete without an actual haunted restaurant?

The official Poogan’s Porch website makes no mention of Zoe, it’s resident ghost, but there have been enough reports of hauntings that the restaurant has been included in local ghost tours

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Fremin’s Restaurant

Thibodaux, LA

No Halloween is complete without murderous shenanigans, and Fremin’s Restaurant is ready to deliver! 

Fremin’s Restaurant is going to be hosting a murder mystery dinner, where diners will be witness to a grisly crime and participate in solving the thorny case–all before dessert! 

This will be the fifteenth time that Fremin’s will have hosted this type of event, but they’re able to keep things fresh with a new theme every year. 



Barra Rossa

Philadelphia, PA

This Italian restaurant is going high-society with it’s Halloween celebration, and introducing a six-course meal called “The Last Reservation Dinner.”

The meals will be reimagined versions of last meals ordered by various serial killers on Death Row, such as pizza turned into stuffed “skulls” paired with wine, and lobster and steak skewers. 

Morbidly Memorable

Don’t live near any of these places? Don’t fret! Check your local newspaper, Yelp listings or Facebook feeds for restaurants that are going all-out to celebrate Halloween. 

Don’t forget to take photos!