So you appreciate how the BOHA! WorkStation makes it a snap to print customized
date-code, nutrition, grab ‘n go, prep, use by, even dual-column labels – on-demand –
using your iPad.

But you’re thinking, “My iPad just rests on the WorkStation. If I accidentally bump it,
I could dislodge it, and damage it. How do I lock it in place so it doesn’t move?”

Meet the new BOHA! WorkStation with Tablet Mount.

So many back-of-house kitchen staff have asked us for this must-have solution, we were
compelled to make it happen. Simply slide a lever to lift the cover, insert your
Generation 8 or 9 iPad, plug in the charging cord, and close the cover. Good to go.

Securely mounted in a tough metal casing, your iPad can no longer be knocked off its stand.
You can go about your kitchen duties without incident, or accident. To remove your tablet, simply reverse the process – move the lever, lift the cover, unplug your iPad, take it with you.

Kitchen environments can get hectic – we get that. You need equipment that lets you work faster, smarter, and more efficiently. With this new Tablet Mount, we think your kitchen staff will be able to perform with greater confidence and focus.

For more information about the BOHA! WorkStation’s labeling capabilities, centralized menu management, and ability to print wireless from a tablet, click here.

For more details, or to purchase your WorkStation Tablet Mount, reach out to the BOHA! team.