When it comes to dealing with the coronavirus reality, proactive beats reactive every time. The BOHA! suite of back-of-house apps can help you stay smart, stay safe, and regain control that’s all-too-easy to lose during times like this.

First of all, as a foodservice operator, you have powerful tools at your disposal to fight this expanding health threat. Prime example: BOHA! Checklist – your step-by-step digital reminder (because human reminders are often unreliable) to alert employees precisely when to clean your store or restaurant. Lately, this means every 20-30 minutes, (or in the case of Starbucks and their high-touch stores, as little as every 8 minutes!) and in the craziness of a busy kitchen, reliable reminders are helpful. Coupled with the BOHA! Timer, you can track every component of this critical process.

Another reality we’re helping with:  employees working while sick because of a lack of paid time off (a serious food safety hazard), or staying home sick – creating a short-staffing nightmare. By automating routine manual tasks, BOHA! makes it easy to work with greater efficiency, so even with fewer employees, essential work gets done.

And food safety – when you digitize SOPs and training guides across all locations, food safety best practices get followed. From automating your fresh-food labels to monitoring food and equipment temperatures, the result is a safer environment with safer employees and customers. A smart practice – even when there is no coronavirus.

Stay smart. Stay safe. Stay in control. BOHA! makes it possible.