The restaurant industry is no stranger to innovation. With all the latest trends, equipment, and technology, there is a palatable sense of purpose for the future of foodservice. We are inspired by all of this innovation, and recognize that it hinges upon back-of-house restaurant management catching up with what’s going on out front. Turning manual processes into automated ones, eliminating error prone procedures, and creating a well-oiled productivity machine in your back of house operations, are key to your restaurant’s success.

It is encouraging to see the restaurant and foodservice industry finally recognizing the benefits of digital transformation. From the launch of our first Food Safety terminal, to the release of our latest back of house management products, we’ve seen this industry go through tremendous change. We’ve changed right along with it. Initially, managing food safety expiration data and being able to automate handwritten labeling were of the utmost importance. Couple all of that with mobile-centric systems that do the legwork and heavy lifting for you, and you can easily see that the tools at your disposal have come a long way in a short amount of time.

The connectivity and software integrations that are now possible allow products like ours to act as a kitchen hub, tying all of your restaurant functions together in one centralized system. While all of this technology sounds great in theory, its impact to your bottom line will be the ultimate driving force behind restaurant transformations. More and more restaurants will start to use data analytics and the Internet of Things to their advantage, and will shift their mindset and operations accordingly. Those that don’t, risk falling behind the competition.

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