One of my roles in TransAct Technologies Inc. is to spend time with customers learning about their businesses or reviewing how our printers are doing to help their business. Just recently I had the opportunity to visit with some of our customers in the oil and gas market down in Houston.

My goal of the trip was to see the progress we are making changing the exploration and production side of the oil and gas market by introducing two important color printers. One printer, the PRINTREX 920 goes into trucks basically for wire line measurements. The other, the PRINTREX 980 is being used in the offices of exploration companies as they print multiple color reports for their customers so they can review how the production is going down ‘in the hole’.

In one location there are seven PRINTREX 980 printers. The customer has many color printers in their data center, but now we have seven fast color inkjet printers working hard in their center. When the manager took me around to show me our printers, each had a log of how many sheets of paper have been printed and the amount of ink they were consuming.

Well—a million is a million. The three printers we reviewed with the data center manager had already printed 1,000,000 pages. The PRINTREX 980  has printed beautiful color images and graphs on these million pages. Such as the wire line reports that are filled with color traces of the results of the wire line measurements that were taken. A million pages have gone through our new PRINTREX 980 and they are still performing as if they were new.

As the industry’s fastest color printer, the 980 revolutionizes home offices, central offices and data centers by printing on continuous paper rolls at breakneck speeds of up to 8 inches per second. In addition to its rapid printing speeds, the 980 outputs key data enhancements such as Depth Line Accuracy, Stitching Stream Technology and Automatic Image Shifter – with no plot length limitations.

For me, this is a good part of my job at TransAct. I get to see how we are helping businesses to perform. And I get to see how our new technology is working in the environment and market and hear from the customer how we are truly helping them. A million is a million. And how exciting is that.

Bart Shuldman | Chairman and CEO of TransAct Technologies Inc.