The Pacific Ocean breeze encompasses the enchanting city of Lima, known to locals as “the City of Kings.” Strolling along the city’s beach, it’s hard to miss the deliciously fresh aroma of ceviche being prepared by local cart vendors. Although it has a population of over nine million people, Lima is the eccentric mix of a large metropolitan city with the laidback energy of a small beach town. I recently visited this city to attend the Peru Gaming Show (PGS), where TransAct showcased its leading gaming products. Held from June 19 to 20 at the Jockey Exposition Center, this year marked the 17th anniversary of one of the most prominent gaming shows in Latin America.

I attended PGS with TransAct’s Director of Marketing, Armando Flores. At the show, we displayed the Epic 950®, which is the industry standard in ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO) printing and is currently installed in over 750,000 slots throughout hundreds of casinos and gaming operations worldwide. Easily integrated into all game types, the industry award-winning printer is casino-tested, and casino-preferred. The Epic 950 is very popular in South America and it’s famous for its ingenious TicketBurst™ jam-free feature – it prints the ticket first, then bursts and presents it to the slot player. This feature helps casino operators to save even more time and money as less paper is wasted.

The show was action-packed, as we made lots of contacts and had the opportunity to meet with many of our clients face to face. As a global company, it is inherent to make the time and effort to reconnect with customers in person. It is during these moments that we receive the most valuable feedback to help us improve and design the best gaming products on the market, such as the Epic Edge™, which is our next generation casino printer.

In between show dates, Armando and I explored Barranco, which is the trendy art district of Lima. This part of town is filled with eclectic street art, bohemian shops and museums. We also treated ourselves to some delicious local fare, which included Peruvian shrimp and rice and alfajores for dessert. I also had the opportunity to catch up and meet with a friend who lives in Peru and taught me that traditionally, ceviche is only to be eaten for lunch and not for dinner unless you’re a tourist. I made a mental note and vowed to never make such a rookie mistake again.

While this was my first time in Peru, it certainly won’t be my last, as TransAct continues to increase its presence in South America. I look forward to returning to this beautiful country to support PGS and promote the best gaming products in the industry.