What’s in an age?  If it’s the age of a casino customer, then there’s a wealth of information to be had.  A recent study by the American Gaming Association illustrates some key differences in habits and behaviors between young adult (ages 21 – 35) casino visitors and the overall population of casino visitors.  Those differences could easily shape the way future casinos look, market and operate.

Comparisons of the two groups show some similarities; both groups set budgets before visiting the casino, electronic gaming machines are the game of choice for both groups and both cite fine dining as the most popular non-gaming amenity.

Young adult visitors, however, have some distinct gambling habits that do not occur as prominently among their older counterparts.  Table games are more popular with this group, as are bars, shopping, spas and pools.  Young adult casino customers are also more likely to engage in other types of gambling such as casual wagers with friends, playing poker and internet gambling.  They are also more likely to pay a repeat visit to the casino within 12 months.  

With such strong indicators of tastes and preferences, savvy casinos will move quickly to address the needs and expectations of their younger guests now and in the years to come.  Player club rewards for this target demographic could reflect their interests, perhaps discounted tickets to shows or spa specials.  Other enhancements could include offering a greater variety or number of table games that will capture and retain the business of a younger customer.   In addition, properties could also choose to expand upon the number and types of retail shops they have on site, and add more live entertainment to their schedules.   Doing so will increase their chances of staying relevant in the minds of their younger patrons – proof that the future is where it’s at. 

Source: American Gaming Association