TransAct Technologies designs award-winning Casino and Gaming printers chosen by operators worldwide—and we are thrilled to announce that earlier this yearwe entered an exclusive partnership with Firelake Casino located in Shawnee, Oklahoma.

Fire Lake Casino has decided to renew their preference for TranAct’s line of products that include the Epic 950 and Epic Edge ticket-in/ticket-out (TITO) printers. Our Epic printers are unmatched with high-quality printing, which allows for more ticket readability and acceptance by bill validators. Epic printers work with new and legacy games for maximum efficiency.

The Epic Edge printer has a single board that is fully equipped with serial and USB interfaces as well as a micro-SD card to support quick updates and firmware. These combined features make the Epic Edge the best printer to support all games on the casino floor.

As with all our partners, we will ensure Firelake Casino receives top of line service for a smooth transition to our products and services. As we’re committed to their success, we provide dedicated training, support and maintenance that are all part of the process when partnering with TransAct Technologies.

Firelake Casino is in the Citizen Potawatomi Nation and is one of the most progressive Indian tribes in the country. It is recognized as the top travel and tourism destination in Oklahoma. With our partnership, Firelake Casino will have 100% of their electronic gaming machines installed with TransAct Printers.

“Working with Firelake Casino has been great,” says Diego Mejia, the Sales Manager for Casino & Gaming, “We are thrilled to have the opportunity to keep supporting them by offering cutting-edge products they can rely on for their ticket printer needs. It has been a pleasure being their sales manager, and I am looking forward to continue working alongside them in future projects that will add more value to their existing printers on the floor.”

Firelake Casino is committed to bringing the best ticket printer into the Oklahoma Market with TransAct Epic Printers! We are so thrilled we are able to connect with them again at OIGA 2022!