Company Info:

From its humble beginnings in San Bernardino, CA, this fast-food hamburger chain is the largest quick-serve chain in the world, remaining steadfast in their commitment to quality, service, cleanliness, and value.

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The Customer Challenge:

While they recognized the need for an automated, back-of-house food safety solution, the tool they were using was inadequate. Although it would automate the calculation of use-by dates, the technology was inferior and constantly breaking. Between the cost of repairs and the amount of downtime, they became fed up and quickly sought a better solution.

The Solution:

Enter TransAct. This QSR came to us asking if we could provide a better way. And we did. Our AccuDate 9700 was created to suit their needs. This turn-key, purpose-built solution was able to deliver exactly what they needed, providing superior technology able to easily handle the volume of their workflow.

The Results:

By combining the technology and hardware needed to drive operational excellence, increase employee productivity, and ensure food safety, the decision for this QSR to implement the AccuDate 9700 was a no-brainer.

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