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Company Info:

Martin and Bayley, Inc opened their first Huck’s convenience store in 1974 in Grayville, IL. Today, they operate over 120 locations in Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Kentucky, and Tennessee. With innovative ideas, hard work, and a vision for the future, Martin and Bayley, Inc. has grown to be one of the most financially sound companies in the country, with over 1500 employees.

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The Customer Challenge:

With 120 stores, Huck’s Market realized that consumers are more concerned with food convenience than at any time in the past. With this, Huck’s looked toward the future and how they could modify and enhance their operations. An executive stated, “Today, we’re a gas station that sells food. In the future, we want to be known as a restaurant that sells gas.” From that, a new initiative was born – selling fresh pizza, fried chicken, subs, and baked goods to target a new fast-paced market. Knowing that a successful grab ‘n go program would need to be supported with branding and FDA-complaint nutritional labels, they searched for an efficient and accurate solution. Enter BOHA!

The BOHA! Solution:

Huck’s quickly realized that their initial labeling process for their grab ‘n go program was inefficient and costly. It involved either manually writing information on labels or purchasing pre-printed labels which must be thrown out if your recipe changes. By implementing BOHA!, Huck’s ensured that they could print eye-catching labels that were easily managed, edited, and printed on-demand to maintain an orderly and efficient food prep space. And even better, the labels were FDA compliant and clear every time. By using BOHA!, Huck’s Grab & Go initiative saw revenue growth as operational costs were lower and profit margins made higher by reducing previously tedious and error-prone labor.

BOHA! in Action

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TACT Img Hucks
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