Well Known Fried Chicken Quick-Serve Chain


Company Info:

A well-known, quick-serve fried chicken chain based in Louisville, Kentucky, with over 20,000 locations in multiple countries. With a history of success and innovation, their focus is on offering affordable, family-style meals.

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The Customer Challenge:

Their label printing process was not only manual but incredibly time-consuming, requiring the involvement of a general manager. Employees were required to alert their managers of the need to print labels. The manager would have to print the labels in their Merit System program, which would then dump the data into Excel for label information to be sorted, printed, hand-cut, and affixed with scotch tape!

The Solution:

This quick-serve chain’s employees are now saving up to 2 hours per day by using our AccuDate 9700 to automate the calculation of use-by dates, and simplifying what had been a labor-intensive process. The regional general managers now have less disruption throughout their day and can assess that Food Safety procedures are being properly followed at a quick glance.

The Results:

The AccuDate 9700 has given them the ability to fulfill their day-to-day operations by simplifying the labeling process, reducing manager disruptions, and saving time.

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